Coyote and the Fire Stick: A Pacific Northwest Indian Tale - Barbara Diamond Goldin, Will Hillenbrand
This tells the story of how coyote helped humans capture fire. In the note at the end, the author explains that he used a variety of sources to create this version. Perhaps that is why this particular telling seems a little scattered? At the start, we are informed that coyote is a bit too inclined to believe flattery and doesn't share credit as he should. However, this is never really resolved. Then the tale turns into a pourquoi story - explaining why squirrel's tail curls and why frog doesn't have a tail. Still, all that aside, I did enjoy the tale and was particularly intrigued by coyote's sisters who accompany his quest in form of huckleberries in coyotes belly. Strange, but cool! I also really liked the illustrations - they were drawn in a very unique, but appealing style.