Ancient Rome: An Interactive History Adventure - Rachael Hanel
Another winner in this historical choose your own adventure series. I believe I like this even better than Life as a Gladiator. Because of the broader topic there is a lot more variation in this volume. The reader's first choice is between three very different options: (a) a wealthy Roman man during the late republic, (b) a Roman woman during the early empire, and (c) a poor Roman citizen as the empire weakens. As a mom reading with a daughter I was particularly pleased to see the inclusion of a female character! Unfortunately, she doesn't have the best outcomes in most of her scenarios, but I suppose that's pretty realistic. I personally like to use the books *after* we've done a unit study on the particular topic as it seems to me that the books do seem to assume some previous knowledge on the subject. I also think they're a fun way to cap off a unit and reinforce the lessons. I also like to run through one of the main scenarios with my daughter first and then let her have at the rest of them on her own.