That Scatterbrain Booky - Bernice Thurman Hunter
Booky is the nickname of a ten year old girl (Beatrice) growing up in Toronto during the Great Depression. This book is part historical fiction and part memoir. Author Bernice Thurman pulled events from her own childhood to make up Booky's narrative. As such the story chock full of authentic period detail. There are even real photographs and clippings included.

The story is by turns funny, charming, bleak, and heart wrenching. Booky is an instantly relatable and endearing protagonist. As the title suggests, she is a bit scatterbrained and, as the middle child of five, she struggles to find her place between her clever older siblings and adored younger siblings. Also, with the Great Depression in full swing and her father out of work, she endures more than her fair share of anxiety and privation. I loved this book, but I would have absolutely adored it if I'd read it as a young girl. It's a shame this book isn't more widely known and read in the states!