The Watcher: Jane Goodall's Life with the Chimps - Jeanette Winter

I grew up watching Jane Goodall's documentary about chimpanzees. I absolutely loved it. It was truly Shakespearean in its scope - funny, shocking, tragic. Watching that film really had a big impact on the person I became - the choices I make and the way I view animals and our relationship with them. So, I love Jane Goodall - adore her, worship her, can't get enough of her. That said, this book was really just okay. I like the illustrations. They are certainly skillful and the little chimps peeking about in the pages are quite cute, but still I'm not sure they worked with the subject matter. I also found the text almost frustratingly brief and simple. Yes, it's a picture book, but I still wanted a bit more depth. I had already read a very nice simple little picture book biography (Me..Jane)  and so I was hoping for a bit more 'meat' in this one. Oh well, it's a nice enough book and perhaps it's a compliment to say that I just wanted more!