Night Noises and Other Mole and Troll Stories (A See and Read Book) - Tony Johnston

As soon as we finished this one my daughter and I just turned to each other and said, 'Awwwwwww!' My daughter proclaimed it one of the cutest, sweetest books she has ever read and I have to agree. Very much in the vein of Frog and Toad, this book is a series of vignettes of a loving (but not entirely perfect) friendship between Mole and Troll. I particularly love the story in which Mole, desperate for a nap and some alone time, is inadvertently quite rude to poor Troll and comes to regret his actions so bitterly he can't sleep a wink. I also love the one in which Troll makes four wishes and realizes that everything he wished for he already has in his friendship with Mole. Incredibly sweet and cozy vintage read.