William Shakespeare & the Globe - Aliki
Hmmm, I'm kind of torn about this one. I love Aliki. She has never let me down and, despite my three star rating, I still don't feel let down. I just think this quite good book could have been even a little better. I always love her presentation of information (very kid friendly and interesting). I love that she added little relevant Shakespearean quotes throughout. As always, I adore her illustrations - ADORE! I also thought it was interesting to include the information about the modern day Globe theatre as that isn't something I've seen addressed in a book of this kind. However, there was something kind of clunky about the narrative flow here. The division into acts was just kind of gimmicky. And, truth be told, the information about the building of the modern Globe does drag on a bit. Also, I feel like she left out some fun details about the era that could be really fascinating and memorable for children. Ah well, it's still a fine book and as we always like to read tons of book on a topic I'm happy to include this one in the rotation.