Twelve Kinds of Ice - Ellen Bryan Obed, Barbara McClintock

The world this book describes is so alien to me that it might as well be set in Kathmandu. As a life-long Texan I admit that I am not very well acquainted with ice and snow. And the little I do know about it has done little to entice me. I honestly can't imagine living with it day in and day out for months on end. And I certainly can't imagine actually enjoying it....actually looking forward to it! Perish the thought! But, this book goes a little way in helping me understand. I know something about how the excitement and activities associated with climate become part of your identity. It's the same way with summer here. We complain about it (boy do we complain about it!), but we also look forward to it and even miss it a little when it's gone. All in all, a sweet, thoughtful, and engaging little book with gorgeous little pen and ink illustrations.