Favorite Greek Myths - Mary Pope Osborne, Troy Howell
Like a lot of other readers I was confused/annoyed by Osborne's choice to use the Roman names in a collection clearly titled Greek Myths. It clears things up a bit to learn that the eleven stories in this collection are taken from Ovid's Metamorphoses. Still I maintain that the Greek names should have been used for the sake of clarity - particularly for younger readers.

Oh well, moving on - the illustrations are lovely! Each tale has one full page illustration by Troy Howell - done very much in the style of the golden age illustrators from the turn of the century. So much so, that I had to double check that he was indeed a living, contemporary illustrator!

The stories are quick and easy to share with a young one, but I think I'd still prefer more fleshed out stories with even more illustrations. Still a nice collection!