The Story of the Creation - Jane Ray
**Note: This is a secular review.

I really like that Ray used the text from the King James version of the Bible so that I could discuss Biblical translations with my daughter. And in truth it is very nice prose to read aloud. Although, it's worth noting Ray does deviate from the KJV when she talks about Adam and Eve. It seems that modern interpretations of the Bible are not comfortable with the idea that Adam was created first with Eve coming later only after Adam became lonely. I'll be curious to see how she handled this in Adam And Eve And The Garden Of Eden or if she handled it at all. But the real bright shining star here are Ray's illustrations - just gorgeous!!

Secular parents may want to pair this with Our Family Tree: An Evolution Story and Life on Earth: The Story of Evolution as well as other creation myths - some of which can be found in In the Beginning: Creation Stories from Around the World.