Pumpkin Soup - Helen Cooper
A cat, a duck and a squirrel live in a little white house in the woods. They enjoy making music and pumpkin soup together. Each has his own prescribed role in the aforementioned music and soup making. As a result the duck's announcement that he'd like to stir the soup (instead of adding the salt) turns the entire household upside down and inside out. It's basically a tale of the minor annoyances and eventual compromises that come with any close relationship.

The story is cute, but what really makes this book memorable are a) the illustrations and b) the read-out-loud-ability of it all. i don't think I've seen picture book illustrations that convey such a cozy autumn atmosphere as this one. The paintings are adorable, but also a bit sly and humorous - full of details that children can and will savor and pore over again and again. The text is energetic and engaging and I think will be enjoyed by most children.

In truth this is really not strictly a Halloween book, but with its autumn and pumpkin themes it is best to read around late October.