The Shipwrecked Sailor: An Egyptian Tale with Hieroglyphs - Tamara Bower
The Shipwrecked Sailor is a picture book adaptation of an ancient tale found on a papyrus scroll. In addition to dovetailing perfectly with a unit on Egyptian Hieroglyphs, this is actually a pretty awesomely trippy little story about a mysterious island and a talking snake that I think most kids will actually enjoy.

A lieutenant on a ship returning from Nubia to Egypt tells his captain the story of another, earlier voyage. On this particular voyage our lieutenant was a young sailor when the ship encountered a fierce storm in the Red Sea. The ship crashed and the sailor was the only survivor on an island abundant with fruit, vegetables and wild game. However, this sailor soon discovered he was not alone when a giant serpent appeared. At first the man was (understandably) fearful, but then the serpent reassured him that all will be set right soon enough.

So, we've established that it's a good and engaging story BUT that's not all! Many of the pages feature some hieroglyphic translations of the English text. Also the illustrations and hieroglyphs through out are really bright, vivid and appealing. And finally, the author has included extensive notes about the story, setting and hieroglyphs. All in all - highly recommended for any Egypt-obsessed kid (isn't that most kids?)