Mummies in the Morning (Magic Tree House, No. 3) - Mary Pope Osborne
This book (on audio) was my first exposure to the Magic Tree House series. The series has its fans and its detractors. After reading this first book I'm kind of on the fence. As I understand it the series is meant to be a sort of bridge between picture book and chapter books. The series also endeavors to convey a lesson about some epoch in history. All of that is fine with me and I say if a kid is wild about this series then great. Mine doesn't seem to have cottoned to it. And to be honest I found this one fairly dull. The language, plotting and characters are excessively simple - as was the information presented. Perhaps it's just the topic though. There is a wealth of wonderful kid friendly books on Ancient Egypt and this one just doesn't really shine. I think we'll try The Red Pyramid next. I won't give up on this series just yet though.