Archaeologists Dig for Clues - Kate Duke
Archaeologists Dig for Clues (part of the Lets-Read-and-Find-Out Science series) is somewhat similar in format to the well known Magic School Bus series in that it uses an accessible, kid-friendly lay-out meant to inform and educate about a specific topic.

I really love how the realities of archaeology are emphasized - that it involves painstaking attention to detail and rarely results in finding buried treasure. And yet this lack of 'romanticism' doesn't make the subject any less fascinating. In fact, I think grounding the subject in more reality makes it *more* relatable for children - 'I might not be able to outrun a giant boulder or escape a giant snake pit, but I can certainly dig in the ground and sift dirt!'

The uber-cartoony style isn't my favorite and some of the attempts at humor definitely had me groaning. And, why oh why did the little girl character have to be so concerned about getting dirty? What a silly stereotype to perpetuate. Nonetheless, this is a good book for introducing children to this topic.