The Great Good Thing - Roderick Townley
Sylvie is a twelve year old princess with a fabulous and fulfilling life. She is smart and feisty, has loving parents, and gets to have many adventures. The catch is that Sylvie is a character in a novel called The Great Good Thing and she only gets to live her fabulous life when a reader cracks open the book. Unfortunately, her book hasn't been read in a very long time, so its characters wander around the pages waiting to play their roles. All of that changes one day when Claire picks up the book and makes a deep connection with the story and Sylvie in particular. Sylvie soon finds herself wandering through Claire's dreams - a greater adventure than anything else she's experienced. And that's really just the beginning.

This is one of those stories that has a unique and fascinating premise and starts off with a bang, but doesn't quite keep its momentum. Although, I will admit it was fun at times to wrestle with the story's internal logic. And I swear I had the weirdest dreams of my life after putting this down. Also there were a few times when I felt a little blown away by the truth and import of what the author was saying about stories and memories. Ultimately, the execution just didn't match the story's promise. Too many loose ends and not enough of a cohesive plot.

The sequel about the same characters living in the digital world doesn't interest me at all.