Voyage of the "Bassett" - James C. Christensen;etc.;Renwick St James;Alan Dean Forster
Professor Aisling is ridiculed at his university for his belief in the power of myth and legend. His belief is so strong that he finds himself and his two daughters whisked away on a magical journey to the land of myth and legend. On their journey the encounter all manner of magical creatures - fairies, nymphs and dryads, trolls and harpies, and even the infamous Medusa.

I spent a pleasant enough couple of weeks reading this with my daughter. I think she was really awed by it, but I found it to be a little uneven. The narrative is a bit choppy and overwrought. And the art, which upon first glance is quite appealing, wasn't always super consistent. Still a good pick for young myth, legend, and fantasy buffs.