Piggins and the Royal Wedding - Jane Yolen
I enjoyed the first Piggins reasonably well. In that book we meet Piggins the loyal, intelligent and efficient butler to the wealthy Reynard family. It's a cute little anthropomorphized 'who done it' as Piggins investigates who stole Mrs. Reynard's jewels. It didn't blow me away, but I did enjoy the period detailing of the illustrations and sense of humor and whimsy of the text.

Here Piggins is back as he helps the family prepare to attend the Royal Wedding. Piggins doesn't like crowds so he prefers to stay home. But just as he settles in to enjoy a cup of tea Piggins is called to the church to solve another mystery. I found this follow up enjoyable, but again wasn't really bowled over by the final product. Overall, I think this is a fun series to introduce the mystery genre to the picture book set.