Pegasus, the Flying Horse - Jane Yolen, Li Ming
This is the second picture book retelling of Pegasus that I've encountered. The first was Pegasus authored by Mariana Mayer and lushly illustrated by the incomparable Kinuko Craft. It's a great book, but I recall being a little disappointed that it left out some of the grimmer aspects of the story. And so I was glad to see that this one, authored by the venerable Jane Yolen, continues the story after Bellerophon's triumphs and chronicles his tragedies as well. All in all, this is a very nicely told story and definitely not as grim as it could be - making it appropriate for most young children. I liked the story telling framing device. And the illustrations by Ling Mi are enjoyable - very arresting with regards to Pegasus and the other magical beings, but perhaps less so with the human figures. Definitely recommended for fans of well told myths.