Magic Trixie - Jill Thompson
Thanks to my dad for procuring us a signed copy of this very fun little graphic novel! I'm now officially a Jill Thompson fan! I grew up loving comics and graphic novels as a child, but fell off in my teens and have only recently returned to them and have discovered how much the genre has grown over the past ten to fifteen years. I still can't say it's my very favorite genre these days, but when they're good, they're *very* good!

Here we meet a little witch with frizzy orange haired named Trixie. She's definitely had better weeks. Her baby sister (Abby Cadabra) is hogging all the attention at home. Plus Trixie has to come up with an impressive show-and-tell by the end of the week! When her usual tricks fail to wow her classmates, Trixie finally comes up with a plan that might just solve all of her problems!

Magic Trixie is a sweet, relatable, and enjoyable story about sibling rivalry, jealousy and the need for attention and affirmation. It just happens to be set in a delightful magical world where mummies, zombies, werewolves, and ghosts are par for the course. And Thompson's art is phenomenal! The colors in particular really make this one special.