Holly Claus: The Christmas Princess - Brittney Ryan, Laurel Long, Jeffrey K. Bedrick
When I purchased this last year I wasn’t aware that it was a picture book abridgement of The Legend of Holly Claus. And to be quite frank I’m not too bothered about that as I can’t imagine I’ll ever have the time, patience or inclination to read that 500 plus page tome. That said, once you read this it’s very clear that this is an abridgement as the narrative is rushed and all over the dang place. It’s choppy as heck and you can tell that loads of details – which may or may not have been essential to the plot – were abandoned. Not to mention that the whole thing is pretty darn corny. And still I’m not really bothered because for me the bright shining star is the art – which graces both the long and short endeavors. I am a huge fan of Laurel Long’s illustrations – The Magic Nesting Doll and The Mightiest Heart are both excellent tales with stunning unique illustrations. And now Holly Claus is an almost over the top glittery opulent visual feast. In short, it’s sure to delight the girliest princess loving girly-girls! There are rainbow reindeer for goodness sakes!!