The Apple-Pip Princess - Jane Ray
An aging king who rules over a barren land tasks his three daughters to 'make their mark'. The one who best fulfills this task and makes him proud will rule the kingdom. The eldest two princesses immediately set out to create something grand and impressive. The youngest princess (Serenity) feels daunted by the task. She is not the favorite, nor is she the cleverest or the most beautiful. Also she is shy and afraid of the dark. How can someone so ordinary make her mark and make her father proud? Her solution isn't as flashy or as obviously impressive, but it is the most practical with the farthest reaching potential.

The Apple-Pip Princess is a sort of updated 'eco fairy tale' - a genre I've come to fear a little. But this one is told in such a sweet, gentle and encouraging way that I couldn't help but be won over. Also, I think many children will relate to Serenity's self doubt. Besides the mixed media illustrations by Jane Ray are completely and utterly captivating. I *will* be looking for more of her work. And I very highly recommend this one for any parents and children looking for unique and beautifully illustrated fairy tales.