The Canterbury Tales of Geoffrey Chaucer: Special Edition for Young Readers - Geoffrey Chaucer

I scored this little beauty yesterday and I'm still totally geeked up about it.


Of course I love books - all sorts of books, but my real obsession is illustrated books – beautiful, strange, unique, vintage, rare, whatever.  I suppose it’s because this is the type of book that got me really and truly hooked on reading at a very young age.  I can still vividly remember all of the illustrations that captivated me as a child.






Errol LeCain’s exotic Aladdin:

D’Aulaires quirky Greek Myths:

Greg Hildebrandt’s photo-realistic fairy tales:


Nowadays, I scour used bookstores looking for treasures and most days I come up empty-handed, but it’s worth it because eventually I will come across a little gem in the stacks.


As soon as I saw this one I *knew* it was special even before I really *knew* it was special.  This sucker was only $5 and in really remarkable shape.  I already own two illustrated versions of Canterbury Tales (told you it was an obsession), but that's never stopped me before (I also own approximately 20 different illustrated Grimm's Fairy Tales, 10 Mother Goose's and at least 5 illustrated H.C. Andersen fairy tale collections, not to mention all the individual picture books I've collected over the years).


I purchased it without even second guessing it, but after some research discovered the following:


The illustrator, Gustaf Tenggren, was a remarkably prolific artist who worked in a variety of styles.  Just to give an example....


He is responsible for this:


And this:


And this:


He even worked for Disney for a time and worked on both Snow White and Pinocchio.


In short, I am completely thrilled with my find!