Puss In Boots - Lincoln Kirstein, Alain Vaës, Charles Perrault

I *do* like anthropomorphic cats in boots and I love fairy tales - I really, really do! But still Puss in Boots has never been one of my favorite tales. I don't know why. I don't really mind that he's a trickster - I actually kind of like how he sticks it to the man and shakes up the social order. But still, it's just never really grabbed me. I guess they can't all be hits for everyone.


Anyway, despite all that this version retold by Lincoln Kirstein and illustrated by Alain Vaes is quite nice. I really like the borderline manic/surreal quality of the illustrations. So, IF, you love Puss in Boots (or even if you don't) this is quite a nice version. I believe I like it a little better than the version illustrated by Fred Marcellino.


But if you're *really* looking for a great anthropomorphic cat in fancy clothing tale look no further than Pappa Gatto.  Great story and FABULOUS illustrations!  Can you even resist that cover???  I know I can't!


Still want more? The White Cat by Robert San Souci and illustrated by the incomparable Genday Spirin is pretty darn snazzy! 


And for a cat tale with a Dickensian twist (or rather a Dickensian tale with a kitty cat twist.) Molly and the Magic Wishbone is really not to be missed!  Also by Barbara McClintock, Heartaches of a French Cat is hard to find, but absolutely delightful!