You Wouldn't Want to Be a Viking Explorer!: Voyages You'd Rather Not Make - Andrew Langley,  David Antram (Illustrator),  Created by David Salariya
I still love this series, but this wasn't our favorite. As another reviewer mentioned this one is lower on some of the gross-out stuff - which could be a positive or a negative depending on your point of view. It was a negative for us. Our favorite in the series is the [b:You Wouldn't Want to Be an Egyptian Mummy!|881350|You Wouldn't Want to Be an Egyptian Mummy! Disgusting Things You'd Rather Not Know|David Stewart||3090458] We just happen to love gross-out stuff! That's not to say this isn't a good book. There is still plenty to moan and groan over - for me it was the voyages in cramped long boats, for Izzy it was the Viking's copious use of animal byproducts and general lack of hygiene.