Full Moon Soup - Alastair Graham
This book is so much more delightful than the cover leads one to expect. I can't think of any child who won't love exploring this hysterical, bizarre, wacky book. Furthermore, great book to give an emergent or pre-reader as there is little text. But children of all ages should love it!

**A couple notes: I have this shelved as both 'wordless' and 'Halloween', but it's really not necessarily either! The title clearly states that it's wordless, but the copy I checked out definitely has text - although it's minimal and not necessary at all to enjoying the book or understanding the 'plot'. Also, this is definitely not strictly a Halloween book - although it does have some spooky themes - aliens, werewolves, ghosts, etc. It really can be read any time of year, but would be a special treat around Halloween time.