Joseph and His Magnificent Coat of Many Colors - Marcia Williams
Maybe we read this at just the right time. Or maybe it's because this was such a comical departure from the mire of rather dreary Old Testament stories we've been reading lately. But this just really tickled us from start to finish! This is about the most truly kid friendly version of a Bible story I've ever encountered (although truthfully I've encountered very few to date). The illustrations, arranged in a quasi-graphic novel format, are bright, cheerful and quite humorous. I double dog dare you not to giggle when little Joseph is stripped of his fancy little coat! This is not the version I'd recommend if you're looking for a very reverent re-telling. For that, I recommend Brian Wildsmith's Joseph. That version is also more complete. This version skims over Joseph's difficulties with Potiphar's wife. Wildsmith's version is more clear. But if you're looking for something light and funny that will appeal to your kids this is the one for you! I guarantee you this will be the one my daughter will remember!