What About Ladybugs? (Sierra Club Books) - Celia Godkin
The gardener knows that butterflies, ladybugs, and bees are good for his garden. Wasps and ants are a bit pesky, but also contribute to balance in the garden by getting rid of other troublesome bugs. The aphids, however, seem to do no good at all and so the gardener decides to spray the plants with poison to get rid of them once and for all. Little does he realize how this will upset the delicate balance of nature. The ants and wasps can hide in their nests while the poison does its work, but the ladybugs, who have no nests, simply fly away to another garden. Some aphids are killed, but not all and without their natural predator - the ladybugs - they multiply and thrive in the garden like never before. The plants are weakened by the increased aphid attack - which in turn affects the bee and butterfly populations. Basically, it's a hot mess! What's a gardener to do?

Published by the Sierra Club, this is obviously a book with an agenda to promote, but it's one that I support and am happy to share with the kid. The storytelling is simple and engaging for children. The illustrations are attractive and appealing. All in all, this is a title I would definitely recommend for parents looking to discuss any number of topics with their children - from insects to 'green' living.