The Lion's Share - Chris Conover
Here's a book that literally had me at 'hello'. First, there's that adorable cover - notice the little wings on the baby lion! And then I saw the endpapers - be still my beating heart - I adore thoughtful endpapers. And these are some of the best I've ever seen - featuring an alphabet of classic children's stories, fables, and characters. When I saw little Baba Yaga and her chicken legged hut under 'B' I was hooked! (An extra thanks to Chris Conover for including a key in the back!)

True, the story is a bit overly 'message-y', but it's not a bad message. Also it's one of those stories that instantly spoke to my inner child. I know for a fact that this is one of those books that would have stuck with me and had me searching for it high and low as an adult. Meaning that, yes, I'll probably break down and buy myself a copy sooner than later. In short, highly recommended!