The Widow's Broom - Chris Van Allsburg
I think my kid was pretty skeptical of it's book. I mean that cover isn't exactly inviting and when she flipped through and saw the black and white illustrations I could tell she wasn't super impressed. I will unhappily admit that I haven't done a great job combating that natural prejudice that many children have against black and white (illustration, film, etc.). I'm working on it and this book just made my job a WHOLE heck of a lot easier. I knew the job had been done when she gasped at the second to last page and then breathed an intense sigh of relief when I turned the page and then exclaimed, "THANK GOODNESS THERE'S MORE!" She was INTO this. And I can see why. This is a truly unique and enthralling story. I absolutely LOVED it! It's spooky (but too terribly macabre or upsetting) and it's also sweet and funny and charming. So very highly recommended!