Emma, Vol. 04 - Kaoru Mori, 森 薫

Continuing to enjoy this series. The action really ramps up in this one - Emma and William are reunited and what a meeting it is! So dramatic!

As other reviewers have noted, there *is* nudity in this volume, but really it is, in my humble opinion, nothing to get fussed about. Some will say the nudity does nothing to advance the plot, but you could say the same about a scene set in a dining room with people eating. Just like eating, nudity is a fact of life. A woman changing in front of her maid would be a fact of life in this era. We are all naked under our clothes after all. And it DOES in fact do something to build on the character of said nudist (she's not really a nudist, I'm being sarcastic). This particular character is a foreigner and a bit more relaxed about things than the English. This becomes important to the plot later on when she and another woman conspire to have Emma attend a party in the guise of a lady. There is also some implied (very, very subtly) sexuality, but AGAIN *nothing* to freak about as it is between married, consenting adults. Married people have sex??? How shocking! I really don't think any of this makes this series any less suitable for teens. Just my personal opinion though!