Swift Rivers - Cornelia Meigs, William Durbin

Like a lot of these old children's classics, this one started out with some promise. I initially liked Chris and his devotion to his Grandpa and there was a little drama (getting kicked out of his uncle's house in the middle of winter!) to get things rolling.

But ultimately, this was really a snoozefest for me. Combine a topic that I really couldn't care less about (Logging. Yes, I said logging...) with truly outmoded, old fashioned ideals (a too perfect protagonist, racist generalizations about Native Americans) and add in some looooong winded descriptions and passages and you just have something that was p.a.i.n.f.u.l to get through. This book really belongs to a bygone era of literature and I truly can't imagine many children of today enjoying this at all. So glad to be done with it myself.