Reavers' Ransom - Emily Diamand

Raiders' Ransom takes place in a flooded future England. Lilly is the young protagonist determined to save her village by retrieving the daughter of the Prime Minister - kidnapped by cruel Raiders. All in all, this was a really fun and engaging read. The two main characters (Lilly and Zeph) in particular are very believable and memorable. The action takes a while to pick up, but once it does it *really* picks up and the book becomes hard to put down. I personally enjoyed the author's use of dialect, but it probably won't be to every one's liking. One of the most difficult aspects of this book is getting used to the present tense narrative and transition between the two narrators. Also, it's worth noting that it's much more 'mature' than I was expecting - sexual innuendo, violence and death. All of that is fine really, but since the book is aimed at an older audience I feel it could have packed more of a punch - thematically speaking. For whatever reason I couldn't help comparing it to the Underlander Chronicles - another series about a society torn apart by war. But, then again, it's pretty unfair to compare anyone to Suzanne Collins!