The Orchard Book Of Roman Myths - Geraldine McCaughrean, Emma Chichester Clark

This is a really nice collection of Roman myths! I was expecting retellings of Greek myths with Roman names, but was pleasantly surprised to find a collection that is uniquely Roman. Many of the stories build on one another creating a nice continuity throughout the collection. I'm afraid that I'm with other reviewers in my disappointment over the illustrations. Not only are they just not very my favorite style, but they simply don't seem to fit. Sure these stories have been made child-friendly, but they are still told in a sophisticated and engaging way and I think they deserve illustrations to match. Notes at the back of the book expand upon the stories and place them in their historical context. All in all, a great collection that would be ever better with different illustrations.

The stories contained in this collection are:

The Olympians - How Ganymeade became cup-bearer to the gods.
Chains of Love - Vulcan tames his wive, Venus.
Dreams of Destiny - Aeneas sets out to found an empire.
To Hell and Back - Aeneas in the underworld.
Romulus and Remus - Twin boys who founded Rome.
Stolen Wives - The theft of the Sabine women.
A Wild-Goose Chase - The story of Philemon and Baucis.
Liber-ality - How Rome received its most prized blessing.
Kissed by the Moon - The story of Diana and Endymion.
The Man Who Cut Down Trees - Erisychthon pays a terrible price.
Telltale tit - The love story of Mercury and Lara.
Burning the Books - The Sibyl and her prophesies
Little Old Boy - Tages shares his great knowledge.
A Shot in the Dark - Orion, Diana and Apollo's spite.
The Guardian Geese - The night the Gaul's attacked.