Hermes, Lord of Robbers: Homeric Hymn Number Four - Penelope Proddow, Barbara Cooney

What can I say? This and the accompanying titles (Dionysos and the Pirates: Homeric Hymn Number Seven and Demeter and Persephone: Homeric Hymn Number Two) are out of print. It's a shame, but I'm afraid it doesn't surprise me. These titles probably hold appeal for a pretty niche market - kids (and their parents) who are already familiar with these tales and would like to explore further. As my friend Abigail pointed out in, these are the only picture book titles (that I'm aware of at least) which attempt to retell these stories in their original 'poetic' form. For a life long fan of these stories who sadly cannot read them in the original Greek, it is a very gratifying experience indeed! The addition of Barbara Cooney's delightful vintage style illustrations is just the icing on an already delicious cake!