The Apartment Book - Leo Hartas
Just as delightful as I imagined it would be! It delights my (totally uncreepy) voyeuristic tendencies as well as my love of detail. Here we get to witness a day in the life of the residents of a city apartment (a once upscale townhouse long since divided up). It would take multiple readings to follow every single storyline and that's the beauty of it! My only regret is that I didn't have this book as a child. I mean seriously this is something that kids (and some adults) will just pore over for hours! I can picture my younger self making up alternate and expanded storylines. I also think that if this book had been set in a more distinct past (vs. the late 1990s) that it could have been a more timeless sort of book. But still - definitely worth checking out and, for me, worth owning!

*ETA - For anyone who has seen the film Rear Window (staring Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly) - this book reminds me a great deal of that film (minus the murder of course).