Grandmother Winter - Phyllis Root, Beth Krommes
This book is such a sweet, cozy ode to winter that it just makes me unspeakably sad that I live in a place with little winter to speak of! Why doesn't Grandmother Winter shake her her goose feather quilt over Austin, TX? I'm such a big fan of Beth Krommes (illustrator of 2009 Caldecott medal winner The House in the Night). Her art is so special - it looks simple at first glance, but then you quickly find yourself getting lost in the wonderful details. If I had any doubts that children find her work as captivating as adults do my daughter erased them tonight as this book was deemed worthy of the rare second read request. The text by Phyllis Root is beautiful and rhythmic and soothing - perfect bedtime reading! Now, these two just need to team up and do a similar book for summer!